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Bea Portraits in 2024

My New year's resolution was to be better about posting about my growing business, I absolutely failed for the first month but I’m determined to be consistent going forward. And what better way to begin my blogs than with a ‘get to know me’!


Hello! I’m Bethany, the girl behind the camera 😊 I’m 22 and I love all things artsy and creative, I’m always ready to get the paint and hot glue gun out. I have 4 cats, Rogue, Rebel, Obi, and Zeb, they are quite the handful at times but I wouldn’t change them for the world. In the Summer of 2023, me and my boyfriend, Jonathan, bought our first home together, and this is where I run my business from in my in-home photography studio.

I studied photography at university in Hartlepool, where I found a real love for fashion photography and styled portraits. Soon after graduating and moving back home, I began building a portfolio of newborn, family, and pet portraits, and I keep growing and learning now.

My aim for 2024 is to continue to develop my skills and my knowledge.

I want to post and promote Bea Portraits more consistently and book more sessions with my amazing clients 😊

I love my small business and I can’t wait to see where I am at the end of this year.

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